Product info

Modular construction oil circulation lubrication meters for paper machines

RealFlow digital oil flow meter, FO-OilFlow variable area oil flow meter

FO-OilFlow circulation lubrication meters unique self-cleaning technology ensures that the flow tube indicator remains clean. The measuring technique is spring loaded and based on pressure differences. Because of the spring load, flow rate is constant and accurate.

Flow levels are adjusted directly according to the flow tube scale, removing the need for a conversion scale. In normal operation, floats are always on the same level regardless the flow rate. This makes it easier to monitor flow meters visually, i.e. just a glance is enough to check the operation of the entire group. Optional lower limit ensures that circulation lubrication reaches every oiling point.

FO-OilFlow advantages:

  • Direct flow capacity display l/min

  • Built in modular form (1 – 12 pcs/base plate)

  • Cleans the display automatically

  • Spring loaded to ensure stable operation

  • Quick and easy to adjust

Installation services

Flow Control’s service concept includes installation services. Our intention is to provide services additional to development and manufacture. Our professional staff has been servicing customers with their comprehensive skill set for decades. Our staff has mastered the installation of various systems, such as:

  • Circulation lubrication

  • Seal water systems

  • Pneumatics

  • Grease lubrication

  • Hydraulics

This is only a part of our services. Please contact us with a contact form! We would gladly tell you more of the services we are able to provide.