Multi FlowUnit™

Multi FlowUnit™

Product Info

Multi FlowUnit is a new generation seal supply system, which improved and advanced operating principle allows greater tolerances for impurities in the seal water. The Multi FlowUnit detects leakages in dual seals even under 0.1 litres (0,025 usgpm) and operates reliably in a low flow rates. Thanks to an extremely large flow aperture diameter of the Multi FlowUnit’s, through its U-shaped float can flow even 2000 µm (0,079 in.) particles at 4 LPM (1 usgpm). Even the usage of different kind circulation waters of paper and pulp mills as a seal water is possible (in a stainless steel body).

The Multi FlowUnit seal supply system has two different functions in the same body (in dual seals):

  • Zero-Flow (Non-Flow), a dual seal’s outlet is plugged (or closed by a valve) with a pressure of the main supply pipeline, but without a pressure control.

  • A regular flush and a pressure control.

The Multi FlowUnit detects leakages in dual seals into or out of the product (also O-ring leaks on the shaft). The inductive sensor connected to the Multi FlowUnit detects.

Basic models:

MQ – for Quench seals, unpressurized

MP – for Packing- and Single -seals

MD – for Dual Seals, pressurized

Installation services

Flow Control’s service concept includes installation services. Our intention is to provide services additional to development and manufacture. Our professional staff has been servicing customers with their comprehensive skill set for decades. Our staff has mastered the installation of various systems, such as:

  • Circulation lubrication

  • Seal water systems

  • Pneumatics

  • Grease lubrication

  • Hydraulics

This is only a part of our services. Please contact us with a contact form! We would gladly tell you more of the services we are able to provide.