FlowFilter™ double strainer

Product info

FlowFilter double strainer is planned especially for the objects that are using high concentration of humus water or another kind of water with small particles. The meter can be used with quench-rinsed seals, packings seals, single mechanical seals, or mechanical seals. It has compact filter construction where is combined FlowUnit seal water control unit.

In the double strainer unit the filter can be changed and cleaned without interrupting the water flow to the strainer unit or to seal. The flow rate can be directed alternatively through two filters so the object is always receiving filtered seal water. The great advantage of FlowFilter operation idea is opportunity to allow service or filter change without need for stopping the flow.

Flow ranges 0,5-4, 1-8, 4-15 and 10-30 LPM (GPM on request)
Max. pressure 20 bar / 290 psi
Ambient temperature 0 to 85°C / 32 to 185°F (POM)
Accuracy ±5%
Pressure drop 1,2 bar (4 l/min) 2,5 bar (8 l/min)
Body material type POM (PE, 1.4401/1.4301 or PVDF)
Metal parts POM (PE, EN 1.4401/brass)
Flow tube Trogamid TR 55 (PSU or glass)
O-rings NBR (FPM)
Support Stand, L- or Z-brackets

Installation services

Flow Control’s service concept includes installation services. Our intention is to provide services additional to development and manufacture. Our professional staff has been servicing customers with their comprehensive skill set for decades. Our staff has mastered the installation of various systems, such as:

  • Circulation lubrication

  • Seal water systems

  • Pneumatics

  • Grease lubrication

  • Hydraulics

This is only a part of our services. Please contact us with a contact form! We would gladly tell you more of the services we are able to provide.