Seal Supply Systems

Seal Supply Systems

FlowUnit™/FLC200 and Multi FlowUnit™

Sealing water and circulation lubrication systems condition surveys are also part of our business. We compete in our industry with strong and flexible turnkey arrangements. We deliver high quality standards for our customers through innovative, proactive, and quality-conscious operations.

FlowUnit™/FLC200 kuva

FlowUnit/FLC200 was developed specifically to monitor the amount of seal water used in rotating shaft seals in the pulp and paper industries. It is possible to tell the condition of the seal from one glance.

Multi FlowUnit kuva

Multi FlowUnit is a new generation seal supply system, which improved and advanced operating principle allows greater tolerances for impurities in the seal water. The Multi FlowUnit detects leakages in dual seals even under 0.1 litres (0,025 usgpm) and operates reliably in a low flow rates.